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Send a document on behalf of an organisation

We're introducing a new feature to the Autenti platform, sending documents as a company. This feature allows businesses to send documents without the need to identify individual employees. See what has changed and how to take advantage of this new option.

Why did we introduce these changes?

The changes were introduced to facilitate and streamline the document management process in large companies and in response to the needs of corporations striving to automate and integrate their systems with Autenti. This solution increases the anonymity and security of processes.

What has changed?

  • Sending documents on behalf of an organization
    Documents can now be marked as sent by the company, not by an individual.


  • Changes in communication
    Email messages to document recipients no longer contain information about the person who sent the document. 


  • Document actions as a company
    Actions such as granting, withdrawing, or reminding are performed on behalf of the company.


How to use the new functionality?

Those interested in sending on behalf of an organisation are invited to contact our team of experts. We will present an offer tailored to your needs.

After activating the function on the organisation's account, it will be possible to enable it from the document sending panel or using the Autenti API.