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Signing documents in 24 European languages on the Autenti Platform

We want every user to feel at home while using our platform. Therefore, from now on, the Autenti Platform enables signing documents in 24 languages, widely opening the door to global cooperation. This innovative feature allows users to communicate and create documents understandable to both parties. The goal is to facilitate and speed up international business processes and increase accessibility for the user.

Using multiple languages to help the world work together

Autenti provides users with easy access to services, regardless of language or nationality. By adding new languages, we are expanding our international presence and enabling document signing in the user's native language. This is a step towards meeting the needs of the global market and facilitating cooperation with partners from different regions of Europe and the world.

Personalization and convenience for users

We have implemented 24 European languages in the signing process including Irish, Croatian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Maltese, Norwegian, Romanian, Slovenian, Finnish, Swedish, and Greek, showing our commitment to meeting the expectations of users from around the world.

Thanks to the ability to choose a language in the Sign app - part of the Autenti Platform, the signing process is now easier and more user-friendly. Kinga Biernacka, Product Owner at Autenti emphasizes: "Our goal is to ensure full personalization and convenience while using the platform."

Experience the benefits of global cooperation on the Autenti Platform: