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  • All identification methods available

    All identification methods available

    You can use all available identification methods through the BROKER ID service. Select the best tool for each of your business processes using Autenti’s innovative platform.

  • Additional functions

    Additional functions

    Autenti offers additional services such as a dedicated service configuration, the ability to work with a team, SLA suited to your needs and much more.

  • Individual support

    Individual support

    We can offer onboarding designed just for you, as well as individual and priority support at every stage of the service.

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  • Data encryption
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    The identified person’s personal information, which is processed by BROKER ID and our identification service providers is fully secure. We utilize multi-level encryption methods that are held up to the highest security standards.

  • API access
  • Teamwork
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    Collaborate with your team and give them account access. Set up permissions within the account, e.g. allow selected or all employees to view their co-workers’ ordered identifications.

  • Identification process Certificate
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    After the identification is completed, you will receive the result and proof of the entire process in the form of a report from us.

  • Manual verification
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    Do you need any additional confirmation? You can use manual verification. Thanks to this option, the merchant can manually review the process to finally accept or reject it before the identification is completed.

  • All available methods of identification See
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    You can use all of the available identification methods within the Broker ID service.

  • Email address verification
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    During the identity verification, the identified person’s e-mail address will also be confirmed.

  • Phone number verification
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    During the identity verification, the identified person’s address and telephone number will also be confirmed.

  • Individual identification channels
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    A merchant can freely configure their identification channels, depending on the needs and processes. There can be 1 channel or several with different methods.

  • Dedicated onboarding
  • Implementation package
  • Dedicated service configuration
  • SLA to suit all needs

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We work with key identification service providers

The BROKER ID service is a solution that will let you quickly and safely develop your business, without needing to worry about the risk of fraud.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the BROKER.ID Data Processing Center located?

The data within the BROKER.ID platform are processed within the European Economic Area.

When will I receive the result of customer identification?

The results are available immediately after the client has completed the identification process.

Is the BROKER.ID service compliant with the eIDAS regulation?

Yes. We meet the requirements of the eIDAS regulation on the adaptation of electronic identification and authentication.

Are the data of the identified person properly secured?

The personal data of the identified person processed by BROKER.ID and our identification service providers are totally secure. We use multi-level encryption methods that meet the highest standards of security.

Where can I find the API BROKER.ID documentation?

The documentation for REST API BROKER ID based on the OAuth 2 standard is available to the public at:

Who are the identified person's personal data transferred to?

The personal data of the identified person are transferred only to the entity ordering the identification and to the identification service provider involved in a specific process.

Łukasz Zakrzewski

Corporate Sales Team Lead

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