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Establish relationships with customers - faster and more conveniently than ever before!

Obtain the GDPR consents, sign framework agreements, personal-data files and many other documents with customers at the bank branch.

Activation of banking services – without handwritten signatures

Effectively eliminate handwritten signatures by customers and employees at the activation of banking services. Sign all documents connected with establishing relationships with the customer within a few seconds – quickly, conveniently and completely safely.

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Banking services within a few seconds

In the process, we use an electronic signature delivered through a protected link via SMS or directly in the Customer’s mobile application. Moreover, the customer does not have to install any additional software or create an account in external services. The whole process of signing a document takes a few moments on a smartphone and the customer can use the banking product immediately after applying the electronic signature.

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Convenient signature on a smartphone

The customer will confirm the activation of the service on their smartphone with a few clicks. They do not have to wait for the bank’s acceptance – due to the replacement of the bank’s signature with an electronic stamp, the agreement will become binding when the customer applies their signature. We can also configure the process in such a way that signing the agreement will be possible on a laptop, tablet or the adviser’s screen.

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Automatic delivery of the document

After the completed process of signing, the document will be automatically transferred to the customer via e-mail. It is also transferred to the appropriate place in the banking system through an API, where it is further processed or can be archived.

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Flexible approach to the process

We build our solutions on the basis of detailed analyses and requirements of banking processes. We will help you to fully automate the process of banking service activation, optimising it to make it as short and simple as possible, and to integrate it with the current system of your bank through an API. You can count on our support at each stage of the integration and you can automate other processes that require signing documents.

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Full safety of data

We store all documents in encrypted form. The content of documents cannot be changed at any point in the process or signed by an unauthorised person. During the application of an electronic signature, we collect evidence from the process, which we transfer to the bank through an API and which is an additional protection of the transaction.

How does it work?

1. Automatic generation of the document

The banking system generates a document and transfers it through an API to the Autenti platform.

2. Confirmation of the customer’s identity

The adviser at the branch scans the customer’s identity card in order to verify their identity. The data from the identity card will be automatically entered into the agreement and other data will be completed by the adviser. In online processes, the identity is verified remotely through video identification.

3. Redirection to signing a document

After the successful verification of the identity, the customer receives an SMS with a link redirecting them to Autenti, where they can see and sign the document.

4. Applying a signature

After marking the necessary consents, the customer applies their signature on their smartphone.

5. Affixing an electronic stamp

Autenti automatically affixes the bank’s electronic stamp, without engaging its employees.

6. Receipt of the signed document

to the customer via e-mail. Through an API, it is transferred to the bank, where it can be further processed in the system.

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Documents handled within the process

  • Declaration on accuracy of data
  • Framework agreement (signed document by both parties)
  • Consents for the processing of data, marketing consents
  • Marketing consents
  • Declarations of spouses
  • Tables of fees (document submitted to the customer)
  • Terms and conditions (document submitted to the customer)
  • Personal-data file

Customer Story

BNP Paribas allows the signing of documents remotely on the Autenti platform

“[...] Signing paper agreements, printing them, scanning, sending by post or courier takes so long and customers do not want to spend so much time completing formalities. We have to keep up with the times, take care of our customers’ satisfaction, but also of our time, professional satisfaction and the environment. The introduction of modern technological solutions to the bank service allows us to achieve all of these purposes at the same time."
Krzysztof Wojciechowski, New Business Models and Innovation Department Director w BNP Paribas

Frequently asked questions

Does my customer incur any fees for the service or have to install any software?

No, there are no costs on the part of your customers. The customer does not have to create an account on the platform or buy any additional services.

Can I verify electronic signatures outside of the platform?

Yes, the signature can be checked and verified in external tools and the Adobe Acrobat Reader programme.

On what devices can the customer sign an instruction?

Autenti operates on different devices connected to the Internet. It can be a smartphone, tablet, laptop or stationary computer.

How is the customer’s identity verified when signing the agreement?

The customer’s identity is verified by the adviser at the bank through their identity card.

For what additional transactions can I use Autenti?

We can help automate processes connected with payment transactions (e.g. payment and withdrawal instructions), grant installment loans and cash loans, and enter into lease agreements by signing both internal agreements as well as agreements with customers or contractors electronically. If you want to learn more, make an appointment with our expert.

Let’s talk about the automation of the activation of banking services at your branch.