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Autenti and Swisscom Trust Services enter into partnership for pan-European e-signatures

The eSignature and eIdentification platform provider Autenti and the trust service provider Swisscom Trust Services are jointly expanding the possibilities for cross-border documents workflow. Autenti customers can now sign with a qualified electronic signature (QES) from Swisscom Trust Service – thanks to Autenti's QES Marketplace, even if the other party uses a different trust service.

Autenti was founded in 2013 and is the market leader in Poland. Since its launch, the company has opened offices in DACH and Benelux countries and expanded into CEE markets. Its services include various aspects of digital identity, document management, and seamless, secure digital experiences in one platform. Autenti also offers services in the field of eDelivery. This ISO 27001-certified solution enables public authorities and companies to deliver electronic documents legally and securely. The end-to-end digitalization process is designed to save customers time, money, paper, and CO2. More than 7,500 companies already rely on the services, and users from more than 120 countries have already used the platform.

From the outset, Autenti has focussed on a pan-European approach to electronic signatures and trust in the digital space. There are dozens of trust service providers in the European Union that offer services regulated by the eIDAS Regulation, such as (qualified) electronic signatures, seals, time stamps, and other services. These are often only nationally orientated or associated with institutions of individual member states. Autenti's platform builds a unique bridge between these services so that, for example, a customer who is registered and identified with a national trust service provider, e.g., from Austria, can sign a digital contract with a customer who uses a French or German trust service.

Swisscom Trust Services is an ideal addition to Autenti's portfolio, as this trust service covers not only the EU legal area with the eIDAS Regulation but also Switzerland with ZertES. In the future, Autenti users can sign electronically between Switzerland and the EU without problems. The certificates for qualified electronic signatures (QES) provided by Swisscom Trust Services ensure that digital signatures are equivalent to manual signatures in almost all cases.

"Our primary goal is to offer our customers the best selection of qualified trust service partners and bring together the finest brands. Swisscom Trust Service is, therefore, an ideal addition to our portfolio. Not only is it the only provider that enables signatures by EU and Swiss law, but Swisscom is also a strong, well-known brand that stands for trust 'Made in Switzerland'," says Marco Gouw, International Sales Enterprise Director and Statutory Director of Autenti BV. "This puts us in an excellent position to jointly address new business opportunities and expand our presence in existing markets."

"Autenti's approach is very interesting and resonates with our own pan-European approach," says Mario Voge, Head of Growth Management Swisscom Trust Services. "We are therefore very excited about this new partnership. With its international orientation, a strong footprint in many countries and the multilingualism of the platform, Autenti is an ideal option for existing Swisscom customers who want to sign internationally.

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About Swisscom Trust Services

Swisscom Trust Services is the only European provider to offer a qualified electronic signature in the legal areas of the EU (eIDAS Signature Regulation) and Switzerland (ZertES Signature Act). As Europe’s leading provider of trust services, Swisscom Trust Services enables its partners and end customers to implement innovative business models by providing identity-based services that can run digitally without media disruption. The Signing Service allows partners and end customers to easily add an electronic signature to their business solutions, considering industry-specific requirements and compliance regulations. This creates opportunities to digitize processes in a legally compliant manner that previously had to be done on paper. This can involve signing various contracts (for example, an employment contract), the conclusion of an insurance policy, banking transactions (account opening, loan application), or the signing of minutes. The Smart Registration Service is the central component for identifying and registering users. Various identification methods (SRS Video, SRS Bank, SRS Direct, or SRS eID) are bundled into one service, allowing simple, legally compliant identification for electronic signatures. 

Swisscom Trust Services AG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Swisscom, the leading telecommunications company in Switzerland.