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BIMI at Autenti: Elevating Security Standards in Digital Correspondence

Starting now, emails sent from the Autenti Platform adhere to the implemented BIMI standard (Brand Indicators for Message Identification). Learn how it enhances the security of our clients.

Table of Contents:

1. What is BIMI?
2. Key Benefits of Using BIMI on the Autenti Platform
3. Significance and Value of BIMI

What is BIMI?

BIMI is an email standard that allows for the inclusion of your brand's logo in authenticated outgoing messages from your domain. As a result, email recipients who support BIMI will see your logo alongside your messages, enhancing brand recognition and trust. The logo itself must align with the registered trademark at the Patent Office.

Visual identification is only one part of the entire solution. During the email delivery process, the recipient's server also verifies:

  • Whether the sender's server is authorized to send messages from the domain (SPF).
  • Whether the sent messages are genuine and haven't fallen victim to phishing (DKIM).

In cases where a message fails authentication, the recipient's mail server can take preventive actions, such as rejecting the message or directing it to the spam folder.

Key Benefits of Using BIMI on the Autenti Platform:

  • Communication Security
    BIMI works in conjunction with DMARC, ensuring that messages sent from the domain are authenticated, thereby enhancing protection against impersonation and phishing attacks.
  • Efficient Message Delivery
    Autenti's logo will now stand out in mailboxes supporting the BIMI standard, allowing you to easily and quickly reach important messages.
  • Trust
    With Verified Mark Certificates (VMC), you can be certain that the displayed logo truly belongs to the Autenti brand, and the message was sent by Autenti.

Significance and Value of BIMI

In today's world, where phishing attacks have become more sophisticated, criminals often use email messages that initially appear authentic, meticulously mimicking original communications.

The BIMI standard synergizes with other authentication protocols like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC, forming a comprehensive defense system against phishing. Its effectiveness stems from the integration of technological innovations and collaboration among various entities, including email service providers, companies, and end-users. Consequently, BIMI is becoming an increasingly important element in the cybersecurity ecosystem.

At Autenti, we prioritize the security of our clients and partners. Implementing the BIMI standard and other advanced security technologies reflects our commitment to this cause. This ensures that every interaction with our brand is not only professional and efficient but, above all, secure, serving as the cornerstone of our trust services in the market.

For more information about the BIMI solution, please visit the official project website: