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Identify your client remotely

Quick, easy and safe - all in one place. Use a proven platform for identity identification.

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Select from many suppliers

We cooperate with certified suppliers of reliable and proven identification methods from Poland and from abroad.

Secure confidential data

We offer multi-level security to keep your data confidential. The safety of your data is ensured by Autenti Trust Center employees.

Act in compliance with legal requirements

Identification processes are compliant with the provisions of the GDPR. We provide clients operating within the financial industry with solutions that meet the requirements of the UKNF [Polish Financial Supervision Authority] in terms of identification and verification of the clients' identity.

Save time and resources

You can perform the identification within less than 90 seconds. The process is fully carried out online and does not require the additional participation of your employees.

Prevent fraud

BROKER.ID is a real barrier for fraudsters. The registration of evidence and of the image identified in the process significantly facilitates investigation in the event that an identity document is used by an unauthorised person.

Get customer's details

With our services, you will obtain the authentic personal data of your customers, such as their name, surname, PESEL no. and serial number of an identity document - also the one issued abroad.


Utilise the available tools under BROKER ID to your own needs and business processes as well as the preferences of your customers.

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Defining the purpose of identification

With our solutions, you confirm the identity of customers online in two ways - by obtaining new personal data or comparing the new data with those you already have.

Configuration of the identification process

You may select identification processes best suited to your needs. You can indicate the required identity documents and other information that must be collected from the client. Various ID methods may apply to different processes in your company.

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Integration with other systems 

With API integration, you can send invitations for identification through an Internet application you are using. You can automatically download the identification results along together with the detailed data, as well as in the multimedia version.

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Identification management

You can easily find all identifications in a convenient, clear list. On the platform, you will also find current statuses, as well as the costs of outsourced processes and the history of completed identifications.

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Generating reports

You can have access to detailed results, photos and videos of the identification and reports concerning the correctness of the data. Easily export ID reports with the Broker ID integrity seal to a PDF file, with corporate visual identification.

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Integration with other systems

With API integration, you can send invitations for identification through an Internet application you are using. You can automatically download the identification results along together with the detailed data, as well as in the multimedia version.

How does it work?

BROKER.ID may be a separate solution, available via a self-service platform or it may be part of the process of handling and signing documents in your company.

1. You order a new identification

You initiate the identification process directly in the BROKER.ID panel by specifying the required parameters.

2. Your client receives a link for identification

Your client is notified of the identification process. The platform sends the Client an e-mail, SMS or link, depending on the data in the Client's possession.

3. The identified person confirms their identity

After clicking on the link, the identification process starts. The Client can go through this process on the screen of their computer or telephone.

4. You receive an identification report

After the identification is completed, you receive the result along with the evidence of the entire process in the form of a report.



  • customer onboarding,
  • KYC compliance.

  • opening new accounts on e-commerce platforms,
  • verification of the age of majority.

Real estate
  • verification of the tenant and conclusion of rental agreements,
  • concluding purchase agreements.

  • customer onboarding,
  • concluding contracts and paying for the subscription.

Energy Sector
  • customer onboarding,
  • concluding and renewing contracts
  • access to the client's portal.

Car rental
  •  verification of identity and concluding car rental contracts.
  • handing over test results to patients,
  • online registration to a specialist.
  • concluding and renewing policies.
  • customer identity verification,
  • concluding apartment rental agreements.

Methods of identification

BROKER.ID integrates many methods of remote customer identification, successfully used in Poland and globally. Get to know them better.

Verification of the ID document in front of the camera

Identify the client by means of automatic verification of the identity document shown to the computer's camera or smartphone and with the analysis of the cohesion of the obtained data. Thanks to IDCheck, you get confirmation of the correctness, integrity and originality of the identity document.

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Verification of the Client's ID documents and selfie

In addition to the video verification of an ID document, the IDCheck & Selfie method uses a photo of the document owner (i.e. a popular selfie). This way, you will receive a comparison of the data from the ID document with the portrait of the person holding the document. The service uses cross-checking of the user's face on selfies and ID cards.

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Live client video verification

With this advanced method, you will identify the customer by means of video verification of the identity document and checking the viability of the document owner. This ensures that the user is a real living person, reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft attempts.

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e-ID & eDO APP

You can also use the data obtained from the evidence with a digital layer in order to identify the client. The process uses the eDO App created by the National Security Printing Works [Państwowa Wytwórnia Papierów Wartościowych], available to every holder of an ID card with an electronic layer and a smartphone with an NFC module. According to the Ministry of Digitization, over 3 million Poles already have e-ID cards.

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Online banking

This is a convenient and secure way for a quick confirmation of your identity, intended for every user who has a bank account. It is enough for the user to log in to the online banking system and confirm the request for the provision of the necessary personal data for the implementation of a given process.

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Money transfer

Is another fast and convenient method for confirming the identity of bank account holders. The user logs in to his online banking, accepts consents, makes a transfer of PLN 0.01, and the data required in the process are provided to the ordering party.

bank transfer (1)

Our Partners

We work with suppliers who offer the most modern identity identification solutions on the market.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the BROKER.ID Data Processing Center located?

The data within the BROKER.ID platform are processed within the European Economic Area.

When will I receive the result of customer identification?

The results are available immediately after the client has completed the identification process.

Is the BROKER.ID service compliant with the eIDAS regulation?

Yes. We meet the requirements of the eIDAS regulation on the adaptation of electronic identification and authentication.

Are the data of the identified person properly secured?

The personal data of the identified person processed by BROKER.ID and our identification service providers are totally secure. We use multi-level encryption methods that meet the highest standards of security.

Where can I find the API BROKER.ID documentation?

The documentation for REST API Broker ID based on the OAuth 2 standard is available to the public at:

Who are the identified person's personal data transferred to?

The personal data of the identified person are transferred only to the entity ordering the identification and to the identification service provider involved in a specific process.

Do you need solutions for remote customer identification?

Meet an Autenti expert and see how you can make the most of BROKER.ID in your own business processes.

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