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Wherever you are. At work, at home or travelling.

Autenti enables you to sign a document online.

On a computer or a mobile device.

podpis elektroniczny Autenti pozwala składać e-podpis na urządzeniach mobilnych
powiadomienia o dokumentach na których należy złożyć podpis elektroniczny trafiają na e-mail podpisujących
podpis elektroniczny Autenti, można złożyć nawet jednym kliknięciem na smartfonie, tablecie, czy laptopie


Check an email

or a text message

informing you about

a document for signature.


Read it on a device

with internet access.


Approve the document

with an e-signature.

Still need a few more incentives? 

  • Your recipients neither pay for signing the document, nor for installing any software.
  • They even do not have to create an account on Autenti.

Who uses an e-signature?

Each business owner or manager wishing to streamline or shorten to a minimum the process of signing documents, and reduce costs of their drafting and sending by post or courier services.

Autenti is used by representatives of various business areas:


Shorten the time needed to close a transaction, ensure content integrity, increase satisfaction of your customers and business partners, build competitive advantage…


Gain full control of the whole process and related documents, offer quick mobile access, provide evidence and document copies…


Sign distance contracts, save time, automate HR document management, make recruitment process faster…

Who uses it most?

• business owners

• sales directors

• regional managers

• sales representatives

• agents

• marketers

• planners

• customer service staff

• interviewers…

• finance officers

• bankers

• accountants

• insurers

• representatives from lending companies

• analysts

• controllers

• auditors

• financial intermediaries

• law firm employees…

• HR managers

• payroll specialists

• recruiters

• consultants

• branch managers

• employment agents

• employees of outsourcing companies

• freelancers…

Examples of documents signed online:

• contracts with customers

• NDAs with business partners

• purchase orders, briefs

• cost estimates

• tenders

• corrective invoices, etc.

• agreements

• invoices

• profit and loss accounts

• balance sheets

• financial projections

• purchasing agreements

• investment contacts

• sales contracts

• rental agreements, etc.

• contracts for specific work

• contracts of mandate

• management contracts

• timesheets

• delivery and acceptance reports

• bills

• requests for holiday or sick leave

• employee surveys

• tax returns

• business travel expense reports, etc.

Our customers and partners:

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The effectiveness, legal compliance and security have been always of the highest priority for us.

Autenti ensures a unique blending of an e-signature, innovative technology and legal setting.

Legal compliance

Documents signed and agreements concluded on Autenti are legally valid throughout the EU!

  • We meet the requirements set forth in the Civil Code and the eIDAS Regulation.
  • Autenti is an effective trusted third party providing evidential value – our certificates are admitted as evidence by courts!
  • We meet the requirements for a durable medium as defined by the Office or Competition and Consumer Protection (Polish: UOKiK).

Security and technology

We guarantee the integrity and authenticity of documents signed on Autenti. No one can access them, but you!

  • We encrypt your data with a 256-bit key.
  • We use the Premium EV SSL certificate.
  • We apply cryptographic algorithms.
  • We archive data securely on any medium you like.
  • We offer additional methods for identity verification.
  • We integrate your CRM/ERP systems with Autenti.

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  • Step 4. Get to know the result. Check the Autenti certificate.

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