Why use Autenti:

It's fast

Sign documents within seconds not days.

It's convenient

Use it at work, on your PC or mobile device... No need to install any additional software!

It's secure

We provide a guarantee of top-of-the-line security standards. You can choose access levels and data storage methods.

It's reliable

Benefit from a unique combination of the latest electronic identification solutions and trust services.

It's cost-effective

You save time and money. No need to attend meetings, visit a post office, print or scan documents.

It's automatic

Contract drafting and document workflow for all events. Just use our templates. Send documents to several parties at the same time.

Use Autenti

to sign or initial various documents

One platform, a number of applications:

  • agreements,
  • resolutions,
  • MoU,
  • reports,
  • contracts,
  • purchase orders,
  • NDA,
  • and even minutes from meetings...

Who is Autenti targeted at?

Corporations - representatives of any organisation, including board members, specialists working in sales, procurement, legal, financial and HR departments. Documents are also initialled by other employees in internal corporate document workflow systems.

Consumers for private purposes, in particular to approve contracts offered by businesses.

Which file types are supported?

All types including most popular documents in word, excel and pdf formats.

You can upload any number of documents from your hard disk drive, network drive or cloud.

How it works

Take just 2 minutes of your time to have a look how easy, quick and secure Autenti is.
Watch the video.


Download mobile apps for your iOS or Android smartphone. This way, you will be able to approve documents and sign contracts online at any place and time.
If you use Autenti on any other device, you will not have to register a new account or buy additional offers.