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Cash operations without red tape

Discover the new quality of bank customer handling – without printing confirmations and wasting paper, done conveniently by phone.

Payments and withdrawals at your bank with just a few clicks on the phone

With Autenti, you can forget about printing documents confirmations and about handwritten signatures every time the customer wants to deposit money into a bank account or to make a withdrawal. From now on, everything will take place quickly, conveniently and digitally, and the customer will apply their signature, confirming the instruction on their smartphone.

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Instant realisation of the instruction

The customer will receive a document confirming their instruction in a secure link via SMS. All they have to do is click and apply an electronic signature. It’s ready!

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Signature on the smartphone

The whole process of an electronic signature takes a few seconds and the customer will apply it conveniently by, using their smartphone.

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No more manual handling of payment documents

Documents are sent automatically via SMS to the customer in the presence of the bank employee. After signing, they are transferred to the correct place in the system, where they can be further processed or archived.

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Adjusted to your needs

We can help you fully automate the process of handling payment and withdrawal instructions. We'll optimize the process, making it as short and simple as possible and will integrate it with your current system through an API. You can count on our support at each stage, including during the automation of other processes that require signing documents.

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Full safety of data

We store all documents in encrypted form. We also apply mechanisms that eliminate the risk that an unauthorised person will sign or modify a document. We collect evidence from the process, which is transferred to you through an API and protects both parties in the transaction.

How does it work?

1. Confirmation of the customer’s identity

The bank employee verifies the customer's identity card.

2. Sending a document to the customer

The banking system generates a document which is transferred to the customer through a safe link sent via SMS. The customer opens it on their device in the presence of the cashier at the bank branch.

3. Inalterability of the content

The content of the document remains unaltered, which is guaranteed by stamps affixed by Autenti.

4. Marking necessary consents

The customer can see the most important information about the transaction, such as the amount and account number. In order to confirm the transaction, they mark the appropriate declarations and click the ‘Sign’ button.

5. Applying a signature

The customer applies an electronic signature on their smartphone.

6. Affixing an electronic stamp

Autenti automatically affixes the bank’s electronic stamp, without engaging its employees.

7. Receipt of the signed document

The signed document, protected by a password, is transferred to the customer via e-mail. Through an API, it is transferred to the bank, where it can be further processed in the system.

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Documents handled within the process

  • Cash payment instructions
  • Cash withdrawal instructions

Customer Story

Bank BNP Paribas has improved the process of payment operation handling with Autenti

“[...] Signing paper agreements, printing them, scanning, sending by post or courier takes so long and customers do not want to spend so much time completing formalities. We have to keep up with the times, take care of our customers’ satisfaction, and also our time, professional satisfaction and the environment. The introduction of modern technological solutions to the bank service allows us to achieve all of these purposes at the same time."

Krzysztof Wojciechowski, New Business Models and Innovation Department Director BNP Paribas

Frequently asked questions

Does my customer incur any fees for the service or have to install any software?

No, there are no costs on the part of your customers. The customer does not have to create an account on the platform or buy any additional services.

Can I verify electronic signatures outside of the platform?

Yes, the signature can be checked and verified in external tools and in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

On what devices can the customer sign an instruction?

Autenti works on any device connected to the Internet. In this particular process, the customer can submit the instruction by clicking the link that they receive via SMS.

How will the customer be informed about the necessity to apply a signature?

If, after the submission of the instruction, the customer remains in the banking system, a good practice is to redirect them to the document that has to be signed in a manner ensuring that they will remain in the system. Alternatively, Autenti can send the customer an e-mail with a link to the document which has to be signed or make the document available on the screen if the customer is at the bank branch.

The document can also be sent via SMS, so that the customer can easily apply their signature by phone.

Is the authorisation code necessary for signing a document?

For this type of transaction, usually the additional authorisation of the signature with an OTP code from an SMS is not necessary.

For what additional transactions can I use Autenti?

We can help you to automate processes connected with opening bank accounts, granting installment loans, entering into lease agreements and electronically signing both internal agreements as well as agreements with customers and contractors.

Learn how to improve the process of payment operation handling at your bank