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Autenti / Blog / Lens Finance shares some details about the cooperation with Autenti. Check out how it works!

Lens Finance shares some details about the cooperation with Autenti. Check out how it works!

For us clients are always the most important element in the business puzzle. That is why we decided to share with you and try to describe our cooperations with selected brands, which trusted us along the way. Today we would like to present you our conversation with Magdalena Piętocha, Chief Operating Officer at Lens Finance. Magda represents credit agency operating under the Blinck brand, which grants online loans. Autenti - the e-signature platform - has been working with the company from the very beginning, helping its clients to make the online loan agreement almost instantly and without using any paper. Read our interview and see how implementation of our solutions helped streamline processes at Lens Finance.

How did the cooperation between Autenti and Lens Finance start? Why did you choose this solution?

We are a new company that entered the market in January 2018. We operate only online. From the very beginning we were looking for a e-signature solution that would improve our work and make life easier for our clients. Autenti met these criteria, and additionally, as the only platform on the market, provided us with legal security related to e-documents. By using it, we have a guarantee of correctly concluded contracts with our clients without any business risk.

The online loan agreement is not the only document that you sign via Autenti platform, right?

We mainly sign documents with customers who conclude a loan agreement with us. There are also additional documents, such as consents, regulations and others, which require the client's consent expressed in the documentary form.

What were the goals to be met as a result of implementing Autenti?

We started to work with Autenti - e-signature platform - to completely eliminate the process of sending contracts by mail. We also wanted to avoid entering into them solely on the basis of a bank transfers from the clients. The first solution brought higher costs, longer lead times and lower efficiency. The second was connected with the legal and business risk that we wanted to avoid.

Has it succeeded? To what extent?

Yes, it pleases us the most. First of all, we took into account the time of concluding a contract with the client and the convenience associated with the signing process. Thanks to the Autenti, we can be sure that everything works fine in these areas. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for us. However, we must keep in mind, that customer satisfaction must go hand in hand with security. If it is secured, it will take only a moment to complete the contract and finalize the process. More specifically, thanks to the implementation of the electronic contract signing solution, Blinck’s customers receive money into their account in just 10 minutes from the start of the process.

Please describe the process of implementing Autenti's e-signature in your company. Did it run properly?

The cooperation was professional, we could always count on Autenti’s experts. We remembered about the correct configuration of e-mails, displayed names and checked if the systems work properly with each other.

How do your customers react to signing documents online?

Very good. Customers are satisfied with the process - mainly due to the fact that it is carried out quickly and efficiently. We also know that they feel safe. mportantly, they have at all times an insight into the content of their documents and their copies after the signatures by all parties.