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Integrated identification services

Identify signers using advanced identity verification methods. Before the signing of a document, you will receive additional confirmation of the compliance of the contractor's data with the expected details.

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What is this functionality for? 

Increase the security of contracts completed online. Use advanced signers identification services directly via the Autenti platform. Indicate the signers to be identified by video verification with several possible options.

Your benefits 

  1. Confirm the identity of the signer on the Autenti platform. 
  2. Nullify the risks of completing contracts remotely. 
  3. Guarantee the security of the most demanding business processes. 
  4. Choose additional available options of identification if required - such as in electronic banking or using a qualified electronic signature.

How does it work?

To learn more about signers identity verification methods, visit the BROKER.ID website.

These functionalities may interest you: 


Documents are sent and signed directly through your ERP system using the Autenti open API. You automate and adjust the processes to match the customer’s requirements, completely eliminating document print out.


Verify the integrity and authenticity of a document. Be certain that a document has not been falsified or changed in an unauthorized way. At the end of the process, download the ValidationAttestation - a detailed report containing information about the verification result.

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