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No software installation required

Everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge of digital solutions, can sign a document thanks to Autenti - without the need to install a special application or create an account.

no cost

What is this functionality for? 

Sign documents efficiently over the Internet, without wasting time installing additional software. Gain access to your documents wherever you are and whenever you need them, thanks to our web-based solution. Always use the latest version of the Autenti platform, which is up-to-date and secure.

Your benefits 

  • No need to install any software. 
  • No software installation costs. 
  • Sign documents electronically as soon as you create your account. 
  • Use any device with internet access. 
  • Waste no time implementing or ordering additional software. 
  • Get instant access to all the tools you need to sign documents online, wherever you are, at any time.

How does it work?

  1. Create an account on the Autenti platform. 
  2. Confirm the creation of the account with a link sent to your e-mail address. 
  3. Log on to the platform and send documents.

    And voila!

Not convinced? Test the signing process and find out how easy it is!

These functionalities may interest you: 


Increase the security of the signed documents by additional verification of signers with a one-time authorisation code sent via a text message.

Classic Sign-1

Use qualified electronic signatures on the platform for documents that require it. Use the qualified signature you have, or order a new certificate at Autenti.


If you intend to use a qualified signature only a few times, you can optimise the selection and choose a qualified electronic signature with a 30-day validity period from the Autenti offer.

Start signing documents without
leaving your home for free

  • one platform, many applications
  • all forms of electronic signatures
  • economy, speed and comfort
  • customer satisfaction guarantee