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Transmission of documents

Forward a document for another person to sign as part of your company account. After selecting a new addressee, all recipients are informed and the signing process continues.


What is this functionality for?

If you have been incorrectly indicated as signee of a document, forward it easily to the appropriate person, indicating the correct recipient with an account within your organization.

Your benefits

  • Streamline document signing.
  • Optimise your document workflow.

How it works

As the person indicated for signing, you have the option of submitting a document for signature to the appropriate person on your company's side.


These functionalities may interest you: 



You can cancel the signing process and withdraw the document if its contents are not correct or if you send the documents to an undesirable recipient, so that no unauthorised person can see it.


Benefit from reminders about the necessity to sign, initial, or provide an opinion on the content of the document, if the recipient is delaying their decision. Notifications and alerts accelerate the conclusion of a contract.


In some cases, you can use the company's electronic seal to speed up and automate the process of signing the documents on behalf of your company. This is as effective and reliable as an e-signature.

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