Access to documents via API

Send and sign documents directly from your ERP system using the Autenti open API. Automate and adjust processes according to the customer requirements, completely eliminating document printing.

API integration

What is this functionality for? 

Use the open Autenti API to streamline and automate processes in your company. Connect to our platform and save the time needed to fill out documents and send them.

Your benefits 

  • Increase the effectiveness of your company by adjusting Autenti to your needs. 
  • Integrate the Autenti platform with your tools. 
  • Automate document circulation and signature collection processes. 
  • You will always get the support of the Autenti technical team.

How does it work?

Our public API will allow your IT team or any external company to prepare the necessary connections between your current system and the Autenti platform. Thanks to this, it is possible to use data from your system and sign documents on the Autenti platform without logging in. 

Detailed API documentation is available here: https://autenti.com/api/ 

These functionalities may interest you: 


Confirm the authenticity of the document and check that it is original and has not changed since it has been signed on the platform. If the authenticity of a file has been compromised, Autenti will notify you about this immediately.


Using the Autenti validator, you can be sure that the signatures and seals placed under the document were qualified and thus meet the relevant legal and technical requirements.


In the Autenti digital archive, you collect an unlimited number of contracts, orders as well as all other documents that you sign electronically. You can access them online 24/7.

Start signing documents without
leaving your home for free

  • one platform, many applications
  • all forms of electronic signatures
  • economy, speed and comfort
  • customer satisfaction guarantee