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    Obtain customer information using
    an e-identity card

    A fast and secure method of identification that lets you quickly obtain information about the identified document directly from its electronic chip.

    Features of the verification with a e-identity card

    check out the e-identity card verification features and learn
    about its benefits.

    Verification of the identity document
    Verification of the identity document

    Verification of the authenticity and validity of the document in the Ministry of Interior and Administration register.

    Easy process using a smartphone
    Easy process using a smartphone

    Convenient identification via the eDO App (PWPW), available to every owner of a smartphone with an NFC module.

    Additional verification confirmation
    Additional verification confirmation

    Additional confirmation of verification is available by requesting a PIN code.

    Get the information that you need

    Check out the types of information available with e-identity card verification, as well as what documents we service using this method.

    Documents supported

    • Identity cards issued in Poland after 2019

    What does the identification process look like?

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      invitation for the identification

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      installation of the eDO App

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      reading information from the document’s electronic chip

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      transfer the obtained data

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is identity verification?

    Identity verification is a process that ensures an individual is who they claim to be during the process where the verification takes place (e.g. setting up an account, onboarding a new employee, renting a car, etc.).

    What does identity confirmation look like?

    Identity confirmation will depend on the method of electronic identification that you choose.

    Who is the identified person’s personal information transferred to?

    The identified person’s personal information is only transferred to the entity ordering the identification, as well as the identification service provider taking part in the specific process. Personal information verification via Autenti is fully secure.

    How long does the identity verification take?

    On the BROKER ID platform, identity verification takes 90 seconds on average. If the identification is more complex, then it may take around 180 seconds. Fast, effective and secure identification is our priority.

    Is identity verification safe?

    Of course! The identified person’s personal information processed via BROKER ID and our identification service providers are completely secure.We use multi-level encryption methods that adhere to the highest security standards. Additionally, we only guarantee safe methods of identity verification via Autenti.

    When will I receive the result of the customer identification?

    The results are immediately available after the customer has completed the identification process.

    Łukasz Zakrzewski

    Corporate Sales Team Lead

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