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Clipatize chooses Autenti!

Clipatize is a B2B marketing agency. For 10 years, the company has been supporting high-tech and B2B companies in planning and implementing marketing activities - from strategic planning, content production and media execution, and support in the results analysis field. Clipatize provides its services from 2 offices located in Warsaw and Dubai and supports organizations operating globally. Since Clipatize appreciates modern solutions, they decided to implement the Autenti solution to further improve their business. Aleksandra Sadowska, who is the Administrative Manager at Clipatize, answered some of our questions and revealed how the electronic signature has been integrated into the company.

Why did you decide to implement Autenti into the company?

When choosing Autenti, we were mostly following the results of the lock-down. The company's team was suddenly dispersed throughout many places and business meetings were prevented from happening, so signing documents in the usual way had become time-consuming and tedious. In the times of remote work, using the electronic channel definitely facilitated the implementation of these processes. The economical and ecological aspects were also important. Electronic signatures significantly speed up the process of signing documents and do not generate documents in typical paper form.

What did the Autenti solution’s introduction to the company look like?

Autenti’s introduction to the company was quick and without problems. We created accounts for employees who take care of the document signing processes and started operating in every possible area of the company's activities. We preceded the entire process with a comparison of suppliers and a pilot, which selected people in the company took part in.

What are the benefits of deciding to use Autenti? Are you already seeing savings in time and money?

It saves a lot of time, especially since it does not require the need for as many tools, as is the case with scanning signed paper documents. Moreover, it saves money since signed documents do not have to be physically sent by courier or post in paper format. We also have an electronic version of the contracts thanks to this process, as there is no need to scan them, which is very convenient!

How did your clients react to e-signature?

Client reactions vary. Initially, many of them were skeptical about this way of signing documents, but after breaking through this reluctance they were quickly convinced and appreciated this way of carrying out this process. Unfortunately, some institutions are less willing, for example banks, but to us it seems that it is only a matter of time and often also a matter of properly training employees.

What Autenti solutions or functions facilitate the work in the industry that the company operates in the most?

Signing contracts with foreign contractors. Thanks to Autenti it has become very simple and fast.

What documents does the company most often sign via the platform?

We most often sign commercial contracts, HR documents and civil law contracts online.

Have there ever been situations where the instantaneous signing of a contract literally saved a project or made it possible to acquire a client?

Fortunately not, but we are aware that this can happen and it keeps us at ease knowing this.

What is the easiest way to convince a skeptical employee or client to sign contracts electronically?

It is best to send them the document for signature, so that they can see how effectively it all works in practice.

What purposes does the company use qualified signatures for? What are the advantages of cloud signatures over card signatures?

We use qualified signatures to sign documents with institutions that require it, so mostly with offices, banks and contractors.