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Vienna Life uses the Autenti platform!

We were intensively and very consistently looking for a Partner operating on the insurance market. From the very beginning we thought that Autenti is an ideal solution for companies in this industry. Our efforts brought results. At Vienna Life you can already buy life insurance online using the e-signature.

Vienna Life is a big player and the first life insurance company in Poland that has decided to sign contracts with its customers fully online. It has chosen our platform for this purpose.


Vienna Life representatives understand perfectly that development in the digital space is nowadays very important for every modern company. Poles are more and more willing to use the services without leaving home. On the Internet we do our shopping, order food, arrange plumbing, booking holidays or send parcels. And of course we sign contracts - preferably for Autenti :).

What is interesting, the sale of life insurance in the network is still not common. Among the most frequently mentioned reasons were, among others, a large formalisation associated with the process, the need to make many statements and familiarize yourself with extensive documentation. The paradox is that e-signature solves these problems. All the more applause for Vienna Life for open minds and a wise step towards adapting solutions to the 21st century.

Easily and quickly

Thanks to Autenti, it is possible to conclude a life insurance contract with the use of an advanced electronic signature via the Internet. Simply choose insurance on the Vienny Life platform, fill in the application form and sign the agreement with an advanced electronic signature. On your laptop, phone or tablet. From home, from the train, in a café. No scanning, printing, queuing at the post office or courier service. Caring for the environment.

- These are further innovations in Vienna Life, responding to the needs of our customers who expect modern and safe ways to use the insurance we offer. At the same time, these activities are part of the VIG Group's 'paperless' philosophy" said Jarosław Krasowski, Sales Director of Vienna Life.

How to sign an online contract?

First of all, the customer's needs and expectations are examined. After selecting the appropriate insurance, the application is filled in and registered. Then the customer receives electronically a set of documents necessary to conclude a selected agreement. The last step is to sign the documents electronically. What is important, in order to use the e-signature, you do not have to have an account on the Autenti platform. This method of document approval is legally binding and also meets data security requirements.

- Autenti acts as the so-called "trusted third party" of the signed contract, offering a convenient interface and collecting documents. The customer gets easy access to them, and additionally the documents are safely archived - emphasizes Grzegorz Wójcik, CEO of Autenti. - With great enthusiasm we got involved in this project, bearing in mind that the solution offered by Vienna Life will be a breakthrough in this market - adds Grzegorz.

In the video below you can see how the whole process goes. We are happy to watch this material, after all, one image is worth a thousand words :) With such a promotion of the solution, we are confident about the results that Vienna Life will generate in the life insurance category. Good luck Vienna Life! :)