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Binding files into a single document

Regardless of how many files you send for signature during one process, the platform combines them into one final PDF file with only a single signature.

What is this functionality for? 

Conveniently add files for signature on the Autenti platform. There may be numerous files in the same signing process. For example, you can send an agreement with three separate attachments. Regardless of the number of files and their format, the platform will bind the content into one convenient document for the recipients to sign only once - or add comments or initials (as required). 

After completing the process, the sender will have the source files and, like each recipient, the final PDF file with a complete set of documents that can be saved on their hard drive or stored on the Autenti platform.

Your benefits 

  • Sign contracts, including those consisting of many attachments, in the form of one convenient file. 
  • Work on the same digital version of documents in a convenient PDF standard. 
  • Gain access to documents from a browser level - you can also save each file on your hard drive or save it in your account on the platform.

How does it work?

When sending documents, drag and drop files in formats supported by the platform, or add them from a file on your hard drive and they will be automatically combined into one PDF file and prepared for signature. 

The standard size of files sent for signature in one process is 20 MB in total and can be extended by special request.


These functionalities may interest you: 


Speed up the process of sending documents to recipients thanks to the contacts saved in your address book available on the platform.

file (3)

Send documents for signature in the most common and supported file formats, such as XLSX, DOCX or ODS. No need to use an additional content converter to PDF.


Don't know your business partner or customer well? Use additional authorisation of the person whom you sign the documents with. Use codes sent via SMS or other additional methods available on the platform.

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