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Durable medium

Documents signed on the platform meet the requirements of a durable medium - we guarantee their integrity and full availability. The content of the document you forward never changes.

signatures card

What is this functionality for? 

The Autenti platform and all the documents signed through it allow you to meet the requirements of a durable medium.

Your benefits 

  • Document security, thanks to a qualified electronic seal. 
  • Constant and easy access to documents on the Autenti platform. 
  • Possibility to download the file to your computer.
  • Option to send the document to a selected e-mail address.

How does it work?

The Autenti platform meets the requirement of the availability of stored electronic documents for both parties, thanks to a service that is not dependent on either of them. Authorized individuals can open or download files at any time and from any device with access to the Internet. Remote access makes it possible to verify the stage of contracts at any time. 

Autenti also enables convenient archiving of electronic documents on a selected personal medium. Documents can be downloaded as a PDF file to a computer, pendrive, or other cloud drive, and sent - also automatically - to a selected e-mail address (e.g., company archive). Importantly, no matter how many copies there are of the signed document, each of them is valid and has the power of the original.

These functionalities may interest you: 


Whether you are a smartphone, tablet or laptop user, choose any device with Internet access which you can use to successfully sign the document. You and each of its signatories.


The Signature&Seals Card is a chronological record of the activities performed by the recipients. It comes in an attractive, visual form as the last page, integrally connected to a set of signed files.


Signing has never been easier. The recipients of your documents do not bear any costs of signing, and additionally save time and money spent on post office or courier services.

Start signing documents without
leaving your home for free

  • one platform, many applications
  • all forms of electronic signatures
  • economy, speed and comfort
  • customer satisfaction guarantee