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Qualified time stamp

By using Autenti, you gain a guarantee that the signatures submitted by the recipients are legally binding by marking them with a qualified time stamp: a so-called “certified date.”

signatures card

What is this functionality for?

A qualified time stamp confirms the exact date of authentication of a document, thus protecting it against forgery and backdating. 

When signing documents online, you need to be sure that the integrity of the document and its signatures are not violated. Autenti secures all documents with qualified time stamps, guaranteeing validity of signatures. A qualified time stamp results in legal effects specified in the Civil Code for a certified date.

Your benefits

  • Guarantee of document integrity.
  • Securely placed, legally binding signatures.
  • Visible start and end date of the signing process.

How it works

The qualified time stamp on the Autenti Signature Card is applied to every document at the start of the signing process and at its finish, when all indicated signatories have submitted their signatures. Stamp visualisations are added automatically and display the date and time they were applied to the document.

These functionalities may interest you: 


All final documents on the Autenti platform are in the international PDF format, so you have access to them on most devices and you can easily read the properties of e-signatures from them.


Thanks to the archiving feature, you will gain additional protection. You will be able to confirm the correctness of the signatures under the documents on the platform in the future, even after many years.


All documents on the Autenti platform are encrypted using cryptographic algorithms, preventing data interception or access by unauthorised persons.

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