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Autenti / Blog / New on the Autenti platform: sign documents with any qualified signature!

New on the Autenti platform: sign documents with any qualified signature!

We are eliminating e-signing barriers in Europe! With the update of the Autenti platform, we have enabled our users to sign documents with any qualified signature. What's more, Autenti users can now utilise this functionality for free on their company account!

Why did we introduce these changes?

The European market for electronic signatures is extremely diverse. We are talking here about over 170 suppliers who offer several types of qualified signatures. We also know that document recipients often have local signatures that have not yet been integrated with our platform.

 In such a case, signing the document requires conducting the process outside the platform, which results in a lack of control over it, extended signing time and signing without following a specific order.

 We understand these challenges and strive to facilitate concluding contracts remotely, regardless of the recipient's qualified signature, by building an open ecosystem of trust services.

What has changed?

From now on, recipients can sign the document using any qualified signature, including certificates on a cryptographic card.

 Even if the document is already signed with a different qualified signature, it can be easily added to the workflow within the platform, ensuring a uniform, safe and controlled process. This option is especially useful for companies that need to coordinate the signing of documents by several representatives or cooperate with partners from around the world.

How do you use the new functionality?

This functionality is available as part of Autenti Labs for all users of business accounts on the Autenti platform.


📣 By the end of June 2024, all users of business accounts on the Autenti platform can test the functionality on their account at no extra cost.


Step 1 - Log in and send the document

Step 2 - Signature Settings

An important step is to adjust the document settings before sending it:

  • Select 'Signature visualisation' in the document settings. Without this option, the ability to use any qualified signature by the recipient will not be available.

Step 3 - Signing the document by the recipient

  • After opening the document, the recipient will see all available methods of placing a qualified signature. At this point, it is not possible to define a specific method that will be visible to the signer – all recipients will have the same range of choices.
  • When choosing the 'Sign with any qualified signature' option, the recipient should follow the instructions shown on the screen.

Step 4 - Seal and retrieve the document

  • Before the signer downloads the document, Autenti seals it with a qualified cloud seal. This seal enables subsequent verification. The seal is visually displayed on the last page, in the bottom-right corner. It is semi-transparent to ensure that it does not cover the content of the document.
  • Download the document on your device for it to be signed with an external provider app.

Step 5 - Signing and verifying the document

  • Once you sign the document in an external application, download it and upload it again onto the Autenti platform.
  • The Autenti platform will verify whether the document is signed correctly and has not been modified in any way. After a positive verification, the signing process will be completed and the document will be considered effectively signed.

The new feature of signing with any qualified signature is a significant milestone in adapting to the needs and demands of our customers operating in a diverse European market. Feel free to give it a try on the Autenti platform. Don't hesitate – test it out today!

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