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Speed up your business with one-click e-signature

Sign documents online. Efficiently, securely and conveniently.



is the average time it takes to send a document and sign it


of savings generated within the 1st month of use


focus on your business without the unnecessary paperwork


satisfied companies using the platform

Check out what benefits the Autenti platform offers

Our platform offers several benefits for your business in the e-signature field. Uncover the essential ones.

You can sign 5 documents every month for free

To anyone and whenever you want. Do you need more? Check out our offers for the PRO and PREMIUM Plans.

Bez rejestracji, bez konieczności instalowania oprogramowania
No need to register and no software installation

You can use the application online, no matter where you are. You can also sign documents without registering on the platform.

Podpisujesz dokumenty prawnie wiążącym e-podpisem
You can sign documents with legally binding e-signatures

We use advanced security technologies and provide proof of the signing process more effectively as opposed to signing on paper.

A new level of quality for online document signing

  • You can send documents for signature

    Add a document, select the recipients and their roles, next send the document for signature.

  • You’ll sign documents

    Open the document, read through its content and then sign it with one-click!

  • You’ll verify signers and documents

    Upload a previously signed electronic document, select "validate", then check the integrity of the signed document. Remember, you can also download the document’s validation report.

  • You’ll archive signed files

    Signed documents are sent to all recipients via e-mail. You will also find that they are saved in your Autenti account. Download or archive a document.


Start signing documents without leaving your home for free  

More than 6000 companies trust the Autenti platform

Meet the companies that have chosen Autenti and are transforming their business with us. Join them!

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Frequently asked questions

Who is Autenti for?

The Autenti platform offers services related to signing documents via the Internet. Thanks to its use, you can sign any documents electronically in relations with your clients, contractors or colleagues. The platform is most often used by companies, as its use has a significant impact on business.

What devices can I use Autenti on?

You can use Autenti both on stationary and mobile devices (on any operating system of your choice).

What are the technical requirements for using Autenti?

Minor. You must have Internet access and an updated browser (due to stability, we recommend you Chrome).

Is Autenti free to use?

Yes, those who sign documents online do not pay for the service. The sender on the platform uses commercial access to the account, but even in this case, Autenti offers a free account for the user with a limit of 5 documents per month called "FREE.”

What types of accounts does Autenti offer?

You can set up a company account on the platform if you want to use Autenti for business purposes or for personal use if you use the platform only for private purposes.

What are the technical requirements for using Autenti?

A corporate account is intended for users running business operations. Thanks to Autenti, the processes of signing documents in relations with clients, contractors or employees are depaperized. Unlike private accounts, company accounts allow you to add multiple users and share documents, which has a significant impact on managing the organization and increasing its efficiency.

What is an electronic signature in Autenti?

An electronic signature is a combination of electronic and other data that together make it possible to identify the person who provided the signature.

Do I need a qualified electronic signature to effectively sign the document?

Whether you need to have a qualified electronic signature to sign a document depends on the type of contract and the signatures required by law or the content of the document. Most agreements, applications, contracts, reports or declarations do not require a qualified signature and you can sign these documents with an electronic signature available on the Autenti platform. 

Find out about the industries and teams that choose Autenti and the reasons why

Start signing documents without leaving your home for free

  • one platform, many applications
  • all forms of electronic signatures
  • economy, speed and comfort