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"I am sure that we will not return to the traditional form of signing documents, because we feel a very big difference in the entire company. We do not print a paper version of the document, we do not send it back by post, we save a lot of time, and at the same time we do something very useful for the environment."
Małgorzata Kołodziejczyk, Head of the IT Financial and Administrative Systems Development Department/ Rossmann
"Using the Autenti services has not only significantly improved the sales process, but also provided real operational improvements in Rachuneo’s operations. Many customers are convinced by the possibility of concluding a contract from home. In the current situation, digital contracts are an added value. Using them is now an integral part of our daily business."
Katarzyna Kołodziejska, Chief Operating Officer/Rachuneo
"The idea to use the Autenti platform was born when we wanted to relieve our client from the necessity to visit our customer service point in the process of applying for a cash loan. We conducted tests before the implementation. The Autenti platform, in our opinion, enables the conclusion of contracts in a simple and very legible way for the client."
Bartosz Jamróz, Head of Direct to Customers/Ikano Bank
"We value Autenti for reducing our business risks. We sign contracts faster than the competition and thus start new projects more efficiently. Autenti’s convenience is also of great importance for our recruitment processes, which we carry out 100% remotely. Additionally, we can integrate with other services thanks to API access. For us, as a technology company, this is of particular importance."
Michał Olczak, Member of the Management Board/Nextapps

“After the outbreak of the pandemic, when most companies faced a major challenge, which was to improve the flow of documents in the organization, we appreciated the Autenti platform even more. The fact that we can send the contract to the Management Board and the Client/Employee at any time, without worrying about the distances between us is what’s most important for us.”

Marta Kierska, Payroll Manager Edison Energia
"The process of opening an account in our bank fully remotely is a response to our customers’ needs and the next step in the development of our electronic banking services [...]. These new solutions are welcomed by customers, who eagerly use them."
Philippe Enjalbal, Vice President of Credit Agricole
"It is yet another innovation at Vienna Life, addressing the needs of our customers who expect modern and safe ways to use the insurance offered by our company."
Jarosław Krasowski, Sales Director of Vienna Life
"The service we use allows us to sign agreements remotely, which has simplified and sped up the document flow in our company. By going paperless, we’ve significantly reduced the amount of traditional correspondence, which is also environmentally friendly. Our customers easily approved of this solution; they even welcomed it with great enthusiasm."
Piotr Staniewski, Commercial Director SME of LeasePlan
“[...] Signing paper agreements, printing them, scanning, sending by post or courier takestake so long and customers do not want to spend so much time completing formalities. We have to keep up with the times, take care of our customers’ satisfaction, but also of our time, professional satisfaction and the environment. The introduction of modern technological solutions to the bank service allows us to achieve all of these purposes at the same time."
Krzysztof Wojciechowski, New Business Models and Innovation Department Director BNP Paribas
"We decided to implement Autenti due to the similar values shared by both of our companies. Tier Investment focuses on innovation, and the Autenti concept stands out because of its modern and outstanding approach to business. [...] In choosing Autenti, we knew that we would save our clients’ time and effort and improve communication."
Tomasz Mosiołek, Regional Director and member of the Board of Directors at Tier Investment S.A.
To use an e-signature, all you need is the internet. An authorized person logs in to their e-mail and accepts the content of the document. We no longer have to arrange in-person meetings just to sign. This is an enormous convenience for any modern company that offers remote work."
Tomasz Szymański, Cloud Project Manager Chmurowiska
"It is above all a comfortable and ecological solution that does not require the circulation of paper documents; It enables the possibility to resign from postal or courier services, which we have had to introduce during the pandemic. This solution also saves on resources."
Anna Kłodzińska-Oleksy, Head of the Center for Postgraduate Studies and Training/WSE at Tischner European University in Krakow
“I really appreciate the huge possibilities that the Autenti platform offers. [...] Thanks to Autenti, we have also sorted out our processes in the company and are effectively archiving documents, especially important ones, for example, contracts. We save real money and no longer have so-called „empty runs."
Szczepan Gorbacz, President of the Management Board of Amargo Sp. z o.o.
"The Autenti signature gives the customer security and guarantees the authenticity of the electronic signature. We can reach more customers thanks to concluding the contract remotely. Processing documents in this way saves time and ensures independence in the documentation flow process.”
Michał Skorupa, President of the Management Board of FOTON Technik, innogy Group